Thursday, March 13, 2008

Special Olympic Athletes Team Up with Starr's Mill Cheerleaders!
3/13/08 (11:24 p.m.) Throughout the months of February and March, Starr's Mill Cheerleaders took some Special Olympics athletes under their wing to teach them cheers and perform them for all parents to see! More Photos

Republican News Sweep blog:
News Update
French Foreign Minister: 'Magic is Over' for U.S.
Bush: I'll Hand White House Keys to McCain
Preliminary Audit Shows House Republicans Extent of Substantial NRCC Shortfalls
Legal cloud lingers over Spitzer
Dems say Congress must approve U.S. troop commitments
Congress endorses post-Bush tax hikes
Dem budget wins House, but Senate looms
Will Media Hold Obama To Repudiate His Pastor's Hateful Remarks?
Whose Conduct Was More Reprehensible: Clinton’s or Spitzer’s?
Ward embezzled from Hensarling PAC
Senate blocks moratorium on earmarks
Senate bulls kill proposed earmark moratorium
House to close its doors for spying bill
The Man Without A Party

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