Thursday, March 6, 2008

Due to the expected inclement weather on Friday and Saturday, the PTC Little League has cancelled Opening Day Festivities. An alternate date will be announced later.

Mayor Franklin Praises Local Lawmakers
Mayor Franklin today praised our local state representatives for defeating legislation that would have limited the level and number of services that local governments could provide to their communities. The House of Representatives voted for Speaker Glenn Richardson’s tax proposal with a vote of 110-62, 10 votes shy of the two-thirds majority required of a Constitutional Amendment.

I finally got around to looking into a account. I don't know what has kept me from this – oh wait I know – I had other things to do. A few people I know have Flickr accounts and love it. I loved it once when I peeped at the site and saw an amazing amount of great photographs. You could spend days browsing there. So – to keep you from hunting – I will give my page link right here.

Korean War Hero Receives Posthumous Medal of Honor
President Bush today presented the Medal of Honor to the family of the late Army Master Sgt. Woodrow Keeble, the first full-blooded Sioux Indian to receive the nation's highest military award, for heroism during the Korean War.

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