Saturday, March 15, 2008

SMC³ Contract Law Seminar to Provide Transportation Professionals with Comprehensive Training in Contractual Elements
3/15/08 (10:57 p.m.) One of the nation’s foremost transportation attorneys will share his expert knowledge of motor carrier contracts at the SMC³ 2008 Contract Law Seminar, which will take place Wednesday, May 21 at the Hilton Atlanta Airport hotel... More

Is the High Class Call Girl a Myth?
Random thoughts on Spitzer...Democratic Governor Spitzer's foray into the world of prostitution certainly has a lot of people talking... and a lot of people trying to stop the talking! This is a scandal that one side of the aisle wants to disappear with lightening speed.

McCain Fears Terrorist Influence During Elections
SPRINGFIELD, Pa. - Republican John McCain said he worries that terrorists might try to influence the November general election with increased attacks in Iraq.

The McCain Update - March 15, 2008
Today marks John McCain's 35th anniversary of his release as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.Click here to watch a video commemorating this important day in John McCain's life.

State & National Election News:
News Roundup
Obama expands delegate lead over Clinton
Rolling Stone Changes Headline From Obama's 'Radical Roots' to 'Destiny's Child'
Clinton, Obama clash despite plan to talk issues
Pelosi's delegate stance boosts Obama
Clinton backs Michigan revote plan
Polarities persist in Democratic race
Deconstructing Obama's lawyerly evasions on Wright
Is Media Biased to the Right With McCain/Hagee vs. Obama/Wright Stories?
The AP Style Guide on Defending Barack Obama
Have the Networks Reported McCain's Anti-Catholic Endorser?
Super Delegates Lining Up for Barack Obama
Obama Attempts Damage Control, Fallout Over Pastor’s Sermons Unclear
Lots of Talk, No Resolution on Michigan Revote
Democratic rivals agree to play nicer
House Newcomers Get Quick Assist from Dems’ Campaign Unit
Retirement Surprise Turns Alabama House Race Into Tossup

Republican News Sweep:
News Roundup
Rolling Stone Changes Headline From Obama's 'Radical Roots' to 'Destiny's Child'
N.Y. gov's journey toward resignation
Psst! Mr. Bigamist! Wanna Make a Quick Buck?
Franken Denies Joking About Rove and Libby Being Executed for Plame Affair
The Belushi Syndrome
The Importance of Fallon's Fall
Governor Bloomberg?
Obama Attempts Damage Control, Fallout Over Pastor’s Sermons Unclear

Representative John Lunsford:
Under the Gold Dome
State Representative John Lunsford's Weekly Capitol Update
March 15, 2008
Your Georgia General Assembly is moving into the final quarter of the 2008 Assembly session as we have completed 31 days of the no-more-than 40 legislative day session.

Clayton State University Professor Awarded NIH Grant
Dr. Fran Norflus, an assistant professor for the Department of Natural Sciences in the College of Arts & Sciences at Clayton State University, was awarded a portion of a grant from the National Institute of Health. This is a collaborative project that Clayton State University has with Emory University.

A Grant Brings Smiles to Clayton State University
The Clayton State University Department of Dental Hygiene recently received a $40,000 grant from the Mary Allen Lindsey Branan Foundation, managed by Wachovia Trust. The grant was recommended to the Clayton State University Foundation by Tamara W. Patridge, assistant vice president of nonprofit and philanthropic services for Wachovia Trust.

The Green Revolution to the Rescue
With gas prices going “off the hook” and environmental concerns on the increase, people understand the benefits of conserving energy and saving money at the same time. Some call it “Going Green”.

$14.5 Million Benefit Savings Passed on to State Employees
On Friday Governor Sonny Perdue announced a $14.5 million benefit savings and enhancements to the State Flexible Benefits Program as one step closer to state government becoming an employer of choice and a serious competitor in the marketplace for employee talent.

City of Atlanta Storm Updates
A 135-mile-per-hour, F-2 tornado swept through Atlanta with little warning at approximately 9:45 pm last night, cutting a swath of destruction six miles long and 200 yards wide, according to the National Weather Service.

Organizers of the Atlanta Home Show and the Fuller Center offer repair assistance to low-income homeowners whose homes were damaged
Organizers of the Atlanta Home Show and the Fuller Center offer repair assistance to low-income homeowners whose homes were damaged by this weekend’s severe weather30th annual home showcase event canceled due to extensive storm damage; Volunteers will repair the damage to the Williams family home at 223 Vine Street today and Sunday

Governor Perdue Declares State of Emergency
Today Governor Sonny Perdue issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency in the affected Atlanta area damaged by a tornado that struck last night.

APD asks Atlantans to stay away from Cabbagetown
(3:10 p.m.) Major Renee Propes, commander of APD Zone 6, which includes Candler Park, Inman Park, Kirkwood, Reynoldstown and Cabbagetown, has issued an urgent plea for residents to stay away from the Cabbagetown community

From Mayor Shirley Franklin:
Public Safety, Public Works, Watershed Management and Parks personnel continue to work diligently to return the City of Atlanta back to normal after severe weather ripped through a large portion of Atlanta, causing significant damage.

Tornado, bad weather, Atlanta, emergency, fire & police...
What a fantastic job our fire, emergency and police did last night and today! I had family at the SEC game and so had an almost minute-by-minute via cell phone. My husband and I were glued to computers and television while the weather raged.

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