Saturday, March 29, 2008

First Middle School MS Walk Raises Funds for a Cure
3/39/08 (9:12 p.m.) Middle school students across the county raised awareness of Multiple Sclerosis as they pounded the pavement for the first annual Middle School Multiple Sclerosis Walk... More

Young Georgia Writers’ Competition
3/29/08 (9:15 p.m.) Fayette has many talented student writers and eight of the best representing the elementary and middle school levels have been selected to participate in a statewide... More

Students Advance in Economics Challenge
3/29/08 (9:06 p.m.) Do you know where open market operations are executed or what is the highest possible value of a Herfindahl Index? Do you know what a Herfindahl Index... More

We've been remiss... The weekly column from Newt Gringrich has been languishing in a folder without being added week after week after week. Some bright individual noticed and we have corrected the oversight. We didn't add all of the columns as some of them are woefully out of date and are tied to issues that are no longer news. However, we did add quite a few as they are well worth reading. We invited you to visit the Newt Gingrich page on the site to scan through the many column titles and intro paragraphs. Here's a few to wet your appetite:

A Big Win for Judicial Supremacy, a Big Loss for Government Language Lawyers and Another Example of Real Change
3/29/08 (3/25/08 column) Parents "do not have a constitutional right to homeschool their children." So wrote a California judge in a case that has ominous potential for the estimated one million-plus American families who have opted out of the public education monopoly and choose to educate their children at home... More

Time for Real Change on the Economy and Taxes
3/29/08 (3/18/08 column) The news on the economy this week is increasingly unsettling. Gas prices continue to rise, with inflationary ripple effects throughout the economy. And the bust of the subprime mortgage market has now spread throughout the credit markets to such a degree that Bear Stearns, the fifth largest American investment bank, was sold last weekend in a firesale... More

One Man Can Change History:The 25th Anniversary of Two Reagan Speeches that Helped Win the Cold War
3/29/08 (3/11/08 column) On Wednesday, March 12, I am delivering a lecture at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington based on a simple proposition: "What if Reagan had not run for President and the Soviet Union still... More

The Doers, Not the Talkers: The Real Change Movement Surges Ahead of Campaign '08
3/29/08 (3/4/08 column) While others are only promising change, there is a key group of Americans who are acting -- now -- to deliver on the hunger for real change being expressed by the American people in... More

Advantage: Terrorists -- Still
3/29/08 (2/26/08 column) America, by the inaction of the U.S. House of Representatives, has been weakened substantially in fighting terrorism. As I reported last week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) and her left-wing allies decided to leave Washington without voting on the bipartisan Senate bill that would have extended... More

The Unilateral Disarmament Democrats: Putting Trial Lawyers Ahead of Your Family's Safety
3/29/08 (2/20/08 column) It's hard to think of an action that has put as many lives at risk as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D.-Calif.) declaration of unilateral disarmament in the War on Terror last week... More

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