Saturday, March 22, 2008

lunsford weekly update
Under the Gold Dome
State Representative John Lunsford's Weekly Capitol Update
March 21, 2008
We have completed 34 of the no more than forty days of the 2008 Georgia General Assembly. As allowed by the state’s constitution, the only item we must complete is enacting a balanced budget for the operations of the state. We completed that this week and now the Senate will consider it.

Welcome to the Fayette Historical Society!
The Fayette Front Page (FFP) welcomes the Fayette County Historical Society (FCHS)! They will be contributing glimpses of our past in their new blog, Fayette County Historical Society. Also, we have a second FFP blog, Hooked on History, which will include all of the posts from the FCHS plus some other articles of interest regarding history! We know you're going to enjoy reading both blogs. Also, we have set up a free page on the main site which gives you all the information you'll need to get involved in the FCHS!
"Today in Fayetteville" November 26, 1909
Interesting happenings in Fayette County are reflected in the local newspapers.Hope you enjoy another look into our past...
November 26,1909
On account of high priced oil, I am making a liberal exchange for seed. Don't wait to late.

Barefoot Photographer blog:
Spring in the Garden
It is that time of year again – time to get the yard spiffed up!
Soon there will be blooms in my yard. I don't have any early blooming plants or trees (except for the native, weedish varieties) – so it is still just green leaves all around. The daylilies are coming up all over, the hosta, the butterfly bushes are greening up and I see leaves coming on the hydrangeas.

Motivatinal Minutes blog:
Have a friend
My shop teacher is a prime example of a friend. He was there when I needed him. He made sure I was working on my projects but didn't interfere or butt in. He was knowledgeable about my goal.

Ramblin' Jan blog:
So... I spent nearly four hours on the road today traveling to and from my parents to celebrate Easter with the family. We've started doing it on Saturday as everyone goes to church at different times and this makes it easier on everyone.

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