Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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Celebrity Camel Boosts Troops' Morale in Kuwait
Like devoted fans, about 100 servicemembers anxiously awaited Clyde's arrival here on March 7. And, like a true celebrity, Clyde was fashionably late."I wanted to take a picture with the camel, but where is the camel?" asked Army Sgt. 1st Class Darlene Brent, with the 106th Financial Management Company out of Bamberg, Germany. "You got all these people standing out here and there's no camel."

Soldier Receives Bronze Star for Heroic Actions
3/11/08 (8:34 a.m.) Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael Loetz recently received a Bronze Star Medal for Valor for saving the life of an Afghan truck driver in 2007. The story behind the rescue is both harrowing and heartwarming... More

Jam Session Hits High Note With Deploying Soldier
Save for the crowd and the celebrity at its core, it could have been a day like any other for a soldier strumming his guitar in the recreation center here yesterday.Army Spc. Richard Baxter began playing the acoustic guitar just a few years ago, but yesterday he spent nearly 30 minutes jamming with Richard Patrick, guitar player and lead singer for the industrial rock band, Filter.

Progress Continues in Anbar Province Amid Reduced Violence
A month into his third tour in Iraq, the commander of Multinational Force West said today he's amazed by vast improvements across Anbar province, with a sharp drop in violence and continued progress among Iraqi security forces.

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