Thursday, March 6, 2008

Republican News Sweep:
News Round Up
Pelosi Won’t Commit to Bringing Up Surveillance Bill Before Easter Recess
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated Thursday that new legislation regulating electronic surveillance may come to the House floor next week, but would not commit to a vote before the Easter recess.She called the bill that easily passed the Senate on Feb. 12 “not right,” and said Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer , D-Md., continues talks with the Senate on how to meet House Democrats’ objections.
House to send FISA back to Senate
House Democrats are preparing to send back to the Senate a modified FISA bill that reflects their best hope of a compromise on President Bush’s terrorist surveillance program.
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Toxic Treadmill:
mmmmmm..mmm...mmmad cow update
WSU prof says downer cattle need inspection
KLEW - Lewiston,ID,USAWSU Associate Professor of Epidemiology John Gay says people need to recognize the rarity of mad cow disease, and the big difference between mad cow, ...
New Case of Mad Cow Reported in Canada
Auburn Citizen - Auburn,NY,USAOTTAWA - Canadian officials confirmed a new case of mad cow disease Tuesday, the second such case in two months and the 12th since the disease was first ...

FairTax Fayette:
News Round Up
Congressman Paul Broun on the Fair Tax - Georgia Outdoor News Forum
Congressman Paul Broun on the Fair Tax Political Forum.
Fair Tax will give breaks to business, not create jobs
Allegan County News - Allegan,MI,
Go for systemic change, not a new set of bums
Hilton Head Island Packet - Hilton Head Island,SC,USA18 letter "Want a fair tax; throw the bums out": • The controversy is not over a "flat tax." The controversy is over the "Fair Tax," which is much more than ...

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