Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We Are Still Seeking A Home Rental - Needy Family in Fayette County
Friends-We are STILL seeking rental or lease property for a family in Fayette County. The gracious leads that have been sent have not panned out. We want to see what the market will bear now-they need to move by May 1! The family is comprised of dad, mom, teen son, teen daughter, and crib baby. Son is at FCHS the daughter is at Peeples. We are looking for a three bedroom/two bath home. Rent must be $900 or under. Area is not so important. If you have any leads please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.
Len Gough
ProMaker Marketing
525 Georgia Avenue East
Fayetteville, GA 30214-1720
770-716-8420 office
770-716-8418 fax
404-216-2566 cell

Final Final wrapup lunsford
Under the Gold Dome
State Representative John Lunsford's Weekly Capitol Update
Final Wrap up of session
April 22, 2008
In coffee shops, diners, and community meetings, much has been debated about the 2008 Georgia General Assembly session that concluded two week ago. Some have criticized, some have ballyhooed, some jumped for joy, while others registered indifference. The reality is that it was a successful session. The question that always begs to be answered is did we get everything done? (The answer is no we didn’t) But we did a lot and here are some highlights...


District Attorney's Updates:

The Courthouse Fire
When I saw the pictures, it felt like somebody hit me in the gut. No,these weren't gruesome photographs of a murder. Those make you grityour teeth in rage. These were personal. These old pictures from 1982ripped open an old wound.

20-20 Party
Recently I wrote about "Sweet Sixteen" parties. During the March termof court we held a different kind of party. I'd call it a "20-20Party." Twenty years. Twenty years…

A New Bike
Public service can be costly. We prosecuted gang members andprotestors came to the courthouse and cussed me. I've had prisonerstry to disbar me. They've sued me. Bloggers who would be welcomeanytime to meet with me to discuss their concerns prefer to berate meanonymously.

Hargrave Trial
When she was four and she lived in Baltimore, her uncle would molesther. Then her mother moved her to Fayette County. He came here tovisit and molested her again. They moved back to Baltimore.


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