Sunday, April 6, 2008

Garcia Declared Best in Show
4/6/08 (1:07 p.m.) A colored pencil drawing by local artist Dan Garcia received top honors at Fayette Society of Fine Art (FSOFA) recent Spring Fling Art Show and...More

League of Women Voters Executive Director to Speak at Clayton State, April 7
Polly McKinney, executive director of the League of Women Voters of Georgia, will be speaking on gender and political participation as part of Clayton State University’s celebration of Women’s History Month on Monday, Apr. 7.

"McCain's '100 Years': The Democrats' War On The Truth"
"You might have heard from the New Hampshire Democratic Party and Democratic Presidential candidates that Sen. John McCain wants 100 more years of war in Iraq. It is not even remotely true -- and they know it." -- The Union Leader

Pollen Clouds and Yalla Cars
O Friends of mine,
Been enjoying the scenery? Riding around under all the Cherry Trees and Dogwood Trees while they are in full bloom just makes me bloom. Why, I sometimes just have to stop the car and cast adoring looks to the trees. I love it. I praise God evvveeeerrrry time I see the splendor of the blossoms. It's beautiful, it's... ahhhhh choooooo.

Act II
They say that it takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit. The first 3 weeks can be compared to a train that is starting to move. There is a lot of effort expended with little to show for it. It has to move a lot of dead weight. This is a difficult and labor-intensive task. By the third week, all the cars are moving and their weight is no longer a hindrance but it assists you. It helps propel you forward.

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