Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Delta Air Lines to Donate Record 2,250 Handmade Quilts to Primary Children’s Medical Center
Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) employees today presented Primary Children’s Medical Center with a gift of more than 2,250 handmade quilts during ceremonies at the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City. In a breathtaking visual display, the facility’s entire playing surface and much of its lower level seating area were draped with the colorful bedcovers that were later delivered to the hospital and will be given to young patients requiring extended stays away from home.

Microwave Treatments for Enlarged Prostate Cause Blood Pressure Surges
Many men who receive microwave therapy for enlarged prostates experience significant surges in blood pressure that could raise their risk of a heart attack or stroke, according to new research findings published recently in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

Carroll County Community Chorus Presents Spring Concert Series
4/15/08 (10:43 p.m.) Carroll County Community Chorus presents a spring concert series “Our Favorite Songs.” To celebrate Charles Allen’s tenth year as conductor, the chorus has... More

Toxic Treadmill blog:
Boycotts... do they work?
I've often wondered about boycotts of products, whether they have an impact or not. I've seen that bombarding companies with letters, phone calls, faxes and emails can work. I know that our politicians can be swayed at times when they're inundated with the same. But how successful are boycotts?

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