Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In case you ever wonder about some of the non-Fayette news included in this daily newsletter... here's an explanation and a bit of history on how the Fayette Front Page got started...

When we started the Fayette Front Page (originally the Fayette Forum) we started slow, expanded rapidly and subsequently caught the eye of news organizations across the country. We had so much great news coming from other areas of the state, and other states, that we hated to keep deleting it!

Around the time our guilt level at hitting delete so often reached its peak, a local church partnered with us to bring the "Georgia Front Page" (GFP) to life on television. We set up the GFP website, started the TV program and finally had a place to put all the "other" news. Starting the GFP had been in our business plan, but not until a date some time in the future.

We made the mistake that many businesses make --- we tossed our business plan out the door and expanded way too fast! More news came in, more requests for coverage of stories, more demands were made regarding the television program and we realized we were on the verge of losing our original intent --- to bring good, quality, non-biased news that is often overlooked by local papers to our fellow Fayette County readers.

We were focusing more outside the county than in and we needed to slow down and do it right. We decided the rest of the state would just have to wait. We cut back a bit and temporarily merged the GFP with the Fayette Front Page and concentrated on the county we love.

However, the news still kept coming in, and there we were with all this wonderful news with no place to put it... again. Plus, we now had readers across the state clamoring for their good news. Blogger (part of Google) provided us with a great solution! We set up blogs on a variety of topics and subjects. We still have to hit the delete button at times, and we do get a lot of crazy news, but we have been able to find a home for news that's not necessarily interesting to most of our Fayette County readers. However, it is important to some.

We opted to include the headlines in the daily newsletter just in case you happen to be someone who has an interest in what's going on in other parts of the state or country. A lot of the news included in this newsletter doesn't end up on the main site, it's strictly on the blogs at the moment. We're looking for a few more volunteers to help us expand the Fayette Front Page. We'd love to get the Georgia Front Page back on line as an independent site, and we've registered the Coweta Front Page with plans to get that going later this year. If you have an interest in expanding your resume by building a news site that makes people feel good about where they live, send me an email (janet@georgiafrontpage.com) and we'll talk.

The story below is what sparked the need (at least in my mind) for an explanation of what you're receiving in the newsletter. It's not Fayette related, but who knows, maybe you're a member of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, maybe you work in Columbus, maybe this will give you the impetus to do something similar for Fayette County... - Janet Dunn, Editor

2008 Red Carpet Tour Visits Augusta and Columbus
Participating Georgia communities will roll out the red carpet for 37 corporate decision makers from around the world April 9-12, 2008 on the 49th annual Red Carpet Tour of Georgia. This year, the Tour will visit the Augusta and Columbus regions.

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