Monday, August 4, 2008

Run-off Election August 5th

There will be a run-off election in Fayette County on August 5th for two races. County Commissioner Peter Pfiefer is in a run-off against challenger Lee Hearn. Probate Judge candidates Ann Jackson and Jim Whitlock are also vying for your vote. Only 26% of registered voters showed up to vote on July 15th, the turnout for run-off elections is typically much less. This means your vote counts MORE!

You can vote in the Fayette County local run-off elections if:
- you did NOT vote in the July 15th election
- if you pulled a REPUBLICAN ballot on July 15th

Remember, if you did NOT VOTE on July 15th you CAN still vote on August 5th. As the two local races are for Republican candidates those who pulled a Democratic ballot on the 15th will not be able to vote. However, Democrats will be able to vote in the Vernon Jones vs. Jim Martin race.

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