Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Question for our newsletter readers...

Typically we're posting links to stories we've added on the main Fayette Front Page site and the various blogs associated with the Fayette Front Page (we have 50 blogs at last count) in the newsletter.

Due to the way we're handling the newsletter, you sometimes have to click twice to get to a story. One time you'll go to a blog, the next to the main site.

We're considering just posting the entire story on the newsletter so you don't have to click. The problem for us is that if you're just reading the newsletter and not going to the main site or blogs, we don't get "credit" for traffic and our advertisers (who pay the bills ;-) don't get seen by those of you reading the newsletter.

At a minimum, we'd need to add some advertising to the newsletter because we want to keep both our readers and our advertisers happy.

We'd like your thoughts. We'd also like to know if you would like to see everything we're including on the blogs and main site, or just what we're including on the main site... or just select articles like we have been posting.

If you have a minute, please send an email and let us know how to improve our newsletter and your preference on the areas mentioned above. We're adding new readers every day!

Thanks for reading the Fayette Front Page, the Georgia Front Page, our blogs and this newsletter!


Janet McGregor Dunn

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