Friday, August 22, 2008

Wondering where we've been?

Thanks to those of you who've asked what happened to the newsletter! We've been adding news to all of our blogs and to the main sites as usual, just had our heads to the grindstone and a bit short handed so the newsletter has suffered!

We're in the midst of launching two new websites: (which has some info on it, much more to come) and the Coweta Front Page (site isn't active yet so we won't provide a link).

News is overflowing in our inboxes, story ideas are building up and videos are languishing as we try to get the new sites up and running.

We hope you'll stick with us as we go through this latest round of growth! We greatly appreciate our loyal readers, you are helping to spread the word and our readership has doubled, yes doubled, just in the past month! Wow. It wouldn't be right not to thank our great advertisers who help keep the computers running and the phones in service, too! We love it that you are calling us, wanting to be part of the Front Page family --- we'll do all we can to support your business and help you grow, too.

Just as an aside for anyone interested in advertising, we're giving three-fers at the moment. Get an ad on the Fayette Front Page and we'll give you two courtesy ads on any of our other sites or blogs! The choices are almost unlimited given the fact that we now have well over 50 blogs plus Arts Across Georgia and the Georgia Front Page. Give Ann a call and talk to her about the choices (404-405-8180 or

Janet McGregor Dunn,

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