Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our bloggers talk about Sarah Palin

Mint Julep Journal:

Miz Vul, You ever watch them talking heads?
I've been listening to those so-called talking heads yakking on television about Sarah Palin. They need to get their heads out from where the sun don't shine! They're scurrying around trying to find some trash to talk about her just hoping to dampen the enthusiasm....

You call this change?
Will the real Democratic response please speak up? First Obama and Hillary say the anticipated snide remarks - which played even nastier coming on the heels of Palin's gracious mention of them and Ferraro in her speech. (I tell you, when I heard Palin's respectful mention of Hillary and Ferraro, I teared-up. I did.)

Wonder how Sarah Palin feels about Mint Juleps?
My goodness, that woman has done everything hasn't she? Eats mooseburgers, shoots guns, hunts, has five kiddos, has governed a state and been mayor of a city. She was a beauty contestant, winning something or other, and has that kick-butt spirit wrapped in syrup that so reminds me of a Southern gal...

What a Way to Celebrate Women's Suffrage
Hey Girls,
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: those Republicans sure do know how to celebrate and commemorate. I just heard McCain announce his running mate...

Toxic Treadmill:

Nothing Toxic About Sarah Palin
There's nothing toxic about Sarah Palin... unless you happen to be on "the other team". I can't remember when a choice made by any political party has so energized a group! I wasn't particularly involved when Geraldine Ferraro was picked as VP on the Democratic side so I can't compare this to then. It seems she was truly picked just to try and give a token...

JMac Politics:

Heard enough about Palin?
Ah well, too bad. Quit reading now if you're already tired of it all! I'm not...I posted a story from the McCain campaign on our Republican Candidate blog (and State & National News, and Republican News Sweep) earlier. Someone commented that McCain had just put an inexperienced woman a heartbeat from the Presidency, and then said some wonderful things about McCain's mental abilities that weren't very nice so I couldn't post it...

More on Sarah Palin
I know I posted something earlier, but now I've been listening to some of the talk and hype... It is an electric pick! My favorite quote from a commentator (not exact) was "she knows how to eat a mooseburger and shoot a gun." ...

Go McCain! Sarah Palin is a GREAT choice!
I am so thrilled to hear McCain is picking Sarah Palin. She is a fantastic choice. Bet that one shocks the political scene.

Republican Candidates:

"A Reform Ticket"
"For starters, we'd say Governor Palin's credentials as an agent of reform exceed Barack Obama's." -- The Wall Street Journal

McCain Picks Sarah Palin, Alaska Governor as VP
U.S. Senator John McCain today announced that he has selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate and to serve as his vice president....


We probably missed a few posts about Presidential Candidate John McCain's pick of Sarah Palin for his Vice President! We're steering clear of politics on here as when we asked if you wanted us to continue, no one said yes. We have quite a few political blogs going, all are hopefully respectful in large part! If you'd like to check them out visit and scroll down the right side to see a listing of blogs.

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