Monday, June 16, 2008

Short Newsletter!

Our staff was furiously working this weekend to try and ready the Georgia Front Page (GFP). We have a temporary site up now and will unveil the finished product at a later date.

Sometime back we launched GFP in order to compliment a television show we were doing at the time. We got just a little bit ahead of our business plan and, after pushing everyone beyond their limits to try and keep up with the Fayette Front Page and GFP and the TV program, decided to pull back and follow the plan!

We're now ready to move forward (again) with the Georgia Front Page as a stand-alone site. It will be GFP lite for a while as we work out kinks. After we get GFP set up and going merrily on its way, we'll then move on to our next endeavor, the Coweta Front Page.

You'll find a selection of our advertisers are getting some bonus advertising as we've given them prime spots on GFP lite.

Sorry for the lack of news over the weekend, we'll try to make up for it this week!

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