Thursday, May 1, 2008

Friday is the last day to register to run for office in the current election cycle. We expect a few more to come in before close of registration at noon. As of Thursday evening here is a list of who has filed to run locally:

State Senate

District 16

Jerry Brillant (D)
Ronnie Chance (I-R)

District 34

Stephanie Campbell (D)
Valencia Seay (I-D)


District 66

Connie Biemiller (D)
Virgil Fludd (I-D)

District 72

Matt Ramsey (I-R)

District 73

Rick Williams (R)
John Yates (I-R)

District 77

Darryl Jordan (I-D)

District Attorney

Scott Ballard (R)
Rudjard Hayes (R)

County Commission

Post 1

Robert Horgan (I - R)

Post 2

Herb Frady (I - R)

Post 3

Lee Hearn (R)
Stuart Kourajian (R)
Peter Pfeifer (I - R)

Probate Judges

Ann Jackson (R)
Steve Kiser (R)
Jim Whitlock (R)

Fayette County Sheriff

Barry Babb (R)
Wayne Hannah (R)
Thomas Mindar (R)
David Simmons (R)

School Board

Post 1

David Houston (R)
Janet Smola (I-R)

Post 2

Mary Kay Bacallao (R)
Terri Smith (I-R))

Post 3

Mark R. Aasen (R)
Carol Jensen-Linton (R)
Marion Keys (I)

State Court Solicitor

Jamie Inagawa (I-R)

Clerk of Court

Sheila Studdard (I-R)

Tax Commissioner

George Wingo (I-R)


C. J. Mowell (I-R)

Keep up with the latest on the elections on the Fayette Front Page ---visit our Candidate Corner.

All candidates receive a FREE page on the Fayette Front Page where they can post campaign information (contact info, platforms, letters to the editor, bio, etc.). To find out more please send an email to For information regarding advertising send an email to or call 404-405-8180.

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