Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We're baaaaccckkkk....

With the downturn in the economy, changes in staffing, and a whole lot of other factors beyond our control, we made the executive decision to merge the Fayette Front Page into the Georgia Front Page. We also focused mightily on our Arts Across Georgia site, which is going great.

However, we missed sharing all the good news with our Fayette County friends! We've decided to rev it back up and do what we do best --- share all the good news and the factual news you've said you love.

We've set up a Facebook page (just do a search on Fayette Front Page) and we have a twitter account (@fayettefp). We now have well over 200 blogs rolling around out there feeding to our sites, our numerous twitter and Facebook pages, fan pages, and wherever we can find an open spot to post .

We're going to be posting more on this blog AND on our Fayette Live blog. Both will feed to Facebook and Twitter giving you numerous ways to keep up with the news (and plenty of places to advertise your business).

Give us a day or so to get the Fayette Front Page 'un-hooked' from the Georgia Front Page, then we hope you'll make it your home page and start following all the interesting things happening in our fantastic county!

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