Friday, May 9, 2008

Volunteers are love in motion - Author Unknown

Coweta Corner Blog:

Community Welcome House Benefit May 10

CC Note: What an inspiration this teenager had! A special thank you to Emily for her "Mother's Day Gift" for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.
Come to the Carl Miller Park on Sewell Rd in Newnan on Saturday, May 10th, from 11 am- 3 pm as a four sided mural "Family at Play" is dedicated to the Community Welcome House....
Naturally Fayette Blog:

Protecting Your Landscape From Drought

NAPSI-According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2007 was one of the warmest years on record and one of the driest. Severe to exceptional drought....
All About Animals Georgia Blog:

Outdoor Fun With Man’s Best Friend

NAPSI-Taking your canine out for some exercise can be more than a doggone good idea. Outdoor exercise is a good chance for you and your dog to make new friends, burn off excess energy and bond with each other....
Trips 2 Fun Blog:

South Carolina Marks 75 Years Of Its State Parks, And Adds A Little Bit Of Rock And Roll

NAPSI-Who would have thought serene landscapes would lend themselves to adrenaline-pumping excitement? This year, the South Carolina state park system is celebrating its 75th anniversary with plenty of bells and whistles....
The Business Briefcase Blog:

How Small Business Owners Can Make Every Dollar Count

(ARA) – Now more than ever before, it’s important for small business owners to get the most return on every dollar they spend. After all, as the backbone of the American economy, the small business owner’s success spells good news for everyone....
Georgia Education Blog:

Don’t Let Summertime Stop Learning

(ARA) – Perhaps it’s an idea carried from elementary school that leads us to believe that summer is a time when school and learning should be put on the back burner. The excitement of being outside...
Georgia Housing & Real Estate Blog:

Five Tips to Help You Gear Up for the Homebuying Season

(ARA) - It’s time to gear up for the busy spring and summer homebuying season. Buyers and sellers alike have come to expect that there are greater options available...
The Barefoot Photographer Blog:

Print Sizes and Framing

How do you decide how large to print a photo? Recently I was listening to a podcast by Brooks Jensen on print size. It really made me think. Are people getting carried away with large prints? His point was...

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