Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Today in Fayetteville" Feb. 8, 1895
Politics were a big topic in February 1895, and women wanted to be a part of it. Go back in time with me to see the attitudes of our ancestors, and how they felt about the issue..
Feb. 8, 1895
That crowd of women that met in Atlanta last week to talk about voting, etc. ought to be satisfied with what they have to do without wanting to be allowed to take part in politics. The men do not object to their wearing "bloomers" but they do kick at them wanting to take off our pants and step into our shoes and controlling the whole business...


Five Chocolate Covered Cherries
The Fayette Front Page gives five chocolate covered cherries (much better than two thumbs up don't you think?) to the folks who came up with the idea for the Promise Place Chocolate Explosion! Yummy. Fayette County is "the place to be" the weekend of the 16th - 18th. Here's a list to whet your appetite (start your diets NOW):

Promise Place Chocolate Explosion
Saturday, May 1712:00 pm – 7:00 pm
All you can eat Cakes, Cookie, Pies, Fudge, Mousse and More
(Note: we shared the Chocolate Explosion with you yesterday, but it's part of the weekend events, so you get double exposure to the event... which, for chocolate lovers shouldn't be a problem!)
40th Annual Old Courthouse Art Show 2008 in Fayetteville
Dogwood Gallery, Tyrone, GA: Viewpoint: Variations on Landscapes
Dr. Kirby Johnson to Speak at Historical Society Meeting May 18
Fayette Senior Services Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Bluegrass & Barbeque May 16th
Taste of Fayette Expands Palate
View A Taste of Living History at the Museum May 17 & 18

We realize we skipped ahead a week, but we thought the Chocolate Explosion and other events deserved just a bit of special attention!

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