Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Principals Honored on Their National Day
5/7/08 (5:58 a.m.) Whitewater Middle administrators celebrated their special day on May 1 with a catered lunch and tokens of appreciation from parents... More

State School Superintendent Kathy Cox: Teacher Appreciation Week... More Teachers Needed!
5/7/08 (6:28 a.m.) Over the last five years, I have visited more than 500 schools, including at least one in every Georgia school district. I’ve discovered that each of our schools is unique and has its own character and its... More

Fayette County Solicitor-General Presents Check to Fayette Youth Protection Homes
5/7/08 (6:39 a.m.) Fayette County Solicitor-General James K. Inagawa and his staff recently held their second annual charity yard sale. Inagawa held the sale in... More

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