Thursday, May 8, 2008

Military Matters:
New Names Etched Into Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
The names of four U.S. servicemembers were etched into the glossy black walls of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial this week alongside more than 58,000 of their fallen comrades.Finishing the addition today was the name of Raymond C. Mason, a Marine lance corporal who died a year ago as a result of ailing health stemming from a bullet wound that paralyzed him in February 1968 during the Tet Offensive...

Helping Hands:
U.S. Military Ready to Provide Aid for Stricken Burmese, Official Says
A flotilla of U.S. Navy vessels, rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft, U.S. Air Force planes and thousands of servicemembers are ready to assist Burma's cyclone-stricken people, if asked, a senior Defense Department official said here today...

Health, Hearsay & Headlines:
Military Works to Eliminate Perceived Mental Health Treatment Stigma
Why, when there's no stigma attached to getting treatment for any other combat injury, do troops hesitate to step forward to get the mental health care they need? That's the challenge facing military leaders as they encourage their troops suffering from combat stress to seek mental health services, said Marine Lt. Gen. John Sattler, who's heading the new Joint Staff Wounded Warrior Integration Team...

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