Monday, May 12, 2008

Linda Wells, Candidate for Tax Commission: Public Service Vs Self Service

Linda Wells, Candidate for Tax Commission: Public Service Vs Self Service
5/12/08 (10:44 p.m.) Remember when elected officials were supposed to be public servants? When people were more interested in doing what was right than in how much they could profit?... More

The Fayette Front Page welcomes all letters and information from candidates. We will NOT print ANY personal attacks and we reserve the right to refuse to print any material submitted. Supporting documentation is encouraged and welcomed.

We will edit for spelling, basic grammar and punctuation only. We will include the entire letter, release, etc. (if included at all) on the Fayette Front Page. If we choose not to print a letter or release we will inform the sender of our decision and give them the option of making the necessary change to fit our general guidelines.

Also, as most of our readers already know, all candidates for local Fayette County office are given a FREE page to include the information they choose (within reason, no books please!). All candidates have been informed of the offer (with the exception of a few who don't live in the county). If you don't see your candidate on the Fayette Front Page it is because they have chosen not to take advantage of this incredibly generous offer! Our goal is to inform you, our wise readers, so that you may make the best choices when you vote.

We encourage everyone to learn all you can about all candidates and to vote on July 15th! If you're going out of town, be sure to get your absentee ballot or stop in the week before and vote early. We'll be providing more information on early voting and absentee voting in the days to come.

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