Saturday, May 17, 2008

Last day for the Old Courthouse Art Show, Fayetteville --- AND Taste of Fayette

Saturday was a BUSY day! There were so many activities we had a difficult time trying to decide which direction to go. It was a gorgeous day, which was especially nice given the many rainy weekends we've experienced recently. Sunday is the last day of the 40th Annual Old Courthouse Art Show in Fayetteville. Enjoy a wide variety of art from all over the country right in our own back yard (11 - 5)! If the art isn't enough to entice you, the Taste of Fayette will be right across the street (Noon - 5)! Sample food from many of the restaurants in the county.

40th Annual Old Courthouse Art Show 2008 in Fayetteville
4/18/08 (2:36 p.m.) The Courthouse Art Show is sponsored by the Fayette County Art Association. Saturday, May 17th (10am – 6pm) and Sunday, May 18 (11am – 5pm) at the Fayette County Courthouse Square, Hwy's 54 & 85... More

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