Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How To Start, Survive And Thrive As A Small Business Owner

NAPSI-Small businesses will play a bigger role in driving the U.S. and global economies over the next decade. As a champion of small businesses, part of Intuit’s mission is to enable the 72 percent of Americans who dream of starting a small business, and to help those already in business succeed and grow....

GFP Note: We found this article interesting and informative. What better way to celebrate mom than directing her to the place for good, community news-- the Fayette Front Page!

Women Taking More Time Out Online

NAPSI-Kids and tweens may be the groups most associated with spending all their time online, but the truth is they are hardly the biggest or most engaged users. That title belongs to women....

Hydrox Labs Issued a Voluntary Recall of Alcohol-Free Mouthwash Nationwide Distributed by Cardinal Health

Hydrox Labs, Elgin, IL has issued a voluntary recall of Cardinal Health labeled alcohol-free mouthwash. As a result of this recall, Cardinal Health is initiating a voluntary recall...

Pregnancyplanet.net launched by Webpartners LLC for parents to get pregnancy related information and connect to the community on internet.

PREGNANCYPLANET.NET is one of the most comprehensive websites over the internet that provides its users with all the information they need related to pregnancy. This recently launched website provides free pregnancy information......

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