Thursday, May 15, 2008

Honor Flight Fayette Veterans Get Ready to Take Off Into the Wild Blue Yonder...

5/15/08 (4:21 p.m.) Two members of our intrepid staff dragged themselves out of bed early Wednesday morning in order to see the World War II veterans off on their trip to see the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. In thinking about all that our brave soldiers faced as they fought for our country, it was hard to complain about having to get out of bed a bit earlier. Seeing the enthusiasm and thankfulness of those who were able to go on this first inaugural trip to Washington made any minor loss of sleep more than worth the effort.

We're doing a series of videos, the next will be the veterans as they head outside and leave with the police escort. It was an experience we won't forget, and one I'm sure the World War II veterans will cherish. Many thanks to Gail Sparrow and Mark Buckner for the vision and perseverance to make this happen for those who gave so much to us! If you'd like to learn more and consider donating or volunteering to help the next group of veterans, click here to visit our Honor Flight Fayette section.

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