Friday, May 9, 2008

Always learning something new at the Fayette Front Page!
5/9/08 Being on this end of the news, we see a lot of great information and we learn more than our fair share of new things each day! Recently we learned about a great group of folks who bring dogs and kids together to promote reading. What an original concept. What makes it even better is that it truly works.

Today we welcome READing Paws to our ever-growing list of non-profits. Please take a moment to learn how READing Paws is helping children in our community and consider volunteering to help (or maybe even donating financially).

Speaker Glenn Richardson spoke to a packed room at IHOP, Fayetteville earlier this month. We filmed the entire talk he gave to Fayette County Republicans and highly recommend watching 2, 3, & 4 of the series. The first is interesting, but it serves more to frame the remainder of his talk. Richardson touches on education, transportation, water, taxes and more. We've also included Representative Matt Ramsey's introduction of Richardson as a stand-alone video.

- Rep. Matt Ramsey Introduces GA Speaker Glenn Richardson
- GA Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson, 5/3/08
- GA Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson, 5/3/08 2 of 4
- GA Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson, 5/3/08 3 of 4
- PTC Mayor Logsdon Asks Speaker Richardson Tax Question 5/08 (4 of 4)

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