Monday, May 3, 2010

Town of Tyrone Launches New Code Enforcement System to Collect and Manage Citizen Complaints

The Town of Tyrone launched a new web-based software program today that will automate, track, and store code enforcement complaints and other service requests from the public.

Citizens can go to or click on "Submit a Request for Service" under the "I want to..." menu at the top of the website to submit a complaint or inquiry. The citizen will receive automated responses via email each time their complaint is updated through such time as the issue is resolved, keeping them in the loop of what is going on and allowing them to see the code enforcement process in real time.

Once a complaint is submitted, it goes to staff at Town Hall who then direct it to the appropriate department for action. Assigned employees then update the complaint in the system, which creates automated responses to the complainant and logs the work in a database for archiving.

Citizens without an email address, or those who do not wish to provide one, may contact Town Hall at 770-487-4038 to file their complaint. These complaints will be entered into the system by staff for internal tracking.
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