Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fayette County Google Fiber Survey Results Released

Fayette County Residents, Businesses Receptive to Google Trial Concept

The Fayette County Internet Usage Survey, created by the City of Peachtree City and distributed to County residents and business owners through a variety of sources, closed on March 23. The results of the survey give information regarding the County's Internet profile to the County and municipalities finishing the RFI response to Google for the Google Fiber for Communities project.

Over 1,000 Fayette County citizens and business owners responded to the survey. Some of the statistics include:

· Over 63% of residents who responded live in Peachtree City, followed by Fayetteville with 17% of the respondents, the unincorporated County having nearly 12%, Tyrone with almost 6%, and Brooks and Woolsey residents rounding out the totals.

· The majority of residents who responded pay between $31 and $50 per month for Internet services in their home.

· The majority of respondents reported their speeds are in the "broadband" range (73% report download speed over 3 Mbps, and 68% report their upload speeds are over 1Mbps).

· In terms of reliability, nearly half of residents responded their service was "fairly reliable" and 15% reported their service "never goes down." Nearly half of all residents report their customer service experiences with Internet providers as "average," 20% report "above average," and 6% report "excellent" customer service.

· On the business side, 53% of business owners who responded to the survey have a business in Peachtree City, followed by Fayetteville with 18%, the unincorporated County with 14.5% and Tyrone with 12%.

· Ninety-four percent of those business owners who responded use the Internet as a part of their business, either as an amenity or to conduct business.

· More than 72% of business respondents reported their monthly costs for Internet were above $41 per month.

· Sixty-eight percent of business respondents report their speed in the "broadband" range for downloads, while 70% have upload speeds at 1 Mbps or higher.

· Reliability and customer service scores for business Internet were similar to the resident responses, with 63% of business owners reporting "fairly stable" or above reliability and nearly 70 percent reporting customer service of average or above.

When asked to provide comments and feedback about the potential of a Google trial in Fayette County, an overwhelmingly positive response was received, with 73% of the comments in support of the Google trial. Comments from the community included the benefits to business, education and overall competition in the market.

The summary results are available at http://www.peachtree-city.org/google , as well as a link to allow citizens, businesses and community groups to get their last-minute nominations in to Google for Fayette County as a home of the trial network. Fayette County and its municipalities are finishing their response document now, but still would like the citizens to make their voices heard to Google. The nomination deadline is Friday, March 26.
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