Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Newletter Update

Thanks to everyone who has signed up for the newsletter! We're awed by your support. The Fayette Front Page traffic continues to grow also and we're thrilled with the great response we're getting from our friends in Fayette County (and some in the surrounding area).

We've recently added a new site, Arts Across Georgia (, expanded our blogs and been working on keeping the Georgia Front Page current. We've added the Coweta Front Page, Clayton Front Page and Gwinnett Front Page blogs as forerunners to sites in the future. We're going to be adding the Henry Front Page and who knows where we'll head next!

I'm sure you've noticed that you haven't been getting much, if anything, in the newsletter in recent days. It's necessary to have a dedicated individual who keeps up with the newsletter and some of our staff has headed back to school or they're helping on other sites.

We're overwhelmed with news from across the state and country as more and more sources find us! (Just a note: if you ever send a release and you don't hear back from us or see it posted, please re-send... with over 300 emails coming in a day it's easy to overlook great news and we want to share it all!)

In this tight economy, not knowing what the future may bring, we're not adding staff and thus we're getting behind in some areas.

Rather than do something half-way, we've decided to make some changes to the newsletter. We will be adding things, but it's going to be as time permits. This means one day you may get 60 posts, the next three days nothing. You'll see more news from the blogs at times than from the main Fayette Front Page site as it's simply easier to post blog news.

We ARE updating the main site daily (and sometimes hourly). Hopefully you'll visit the site and consider making it your home page!

Thanks again for your continued support.
Janet McGregor Dunn

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