Sunday, July 27, 2008

“Falcons Fit & Green” Initiative

The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation and The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation (thefoundations), in partnership with Safeplay Systems and Nike, are leading a $600,000 “Falcons Fit & Green” initiative, which will support development of up to 10 green playgrounds in Metro Atlanta in 2009. The “Falcons Fit & Green” initiative advances the values of the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation, which works to improve youth fitness across Georgia, and the values of the Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, through his family foundation’s Inspiring Spaces program, which works to promote green practices and to increase access to great public spaces. Learn more about the work of the foundations through their 2007 online annual report... Click to read: “Falcons Fit & Green” Initiative

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